Jeremy's Bio

Drums and Vocals 

The music bug entered my system early in life. My dad played professionally when I was a little kid. He played for the Orchestra in Minneapolis when he was 18. He also played in rock bands which opened up for acts like The Trashmen, Tommy James and the Shondells, and more. And for those who can remember banana night at Dibbo's, he played gigs there too. My parents always had Steely Dan, Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, CSNY and lots of other cool music playing throughout the house.

When I was 2 years old my parents sat me down on my dad's drums and handed me some sticks. My feet couldn't reach the pedals but I could hit stuff, which was a good start. When I was 3 I made my stage debut with one of my dad's bands who happened to be playing a place called West Wind in River Falls, Wisconsin.

When I got into the fifth grade I heard a saxophone solo in a song called "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart and loved it, so I started taking Alto Saxophone lessons. By seventh grade I switched up to Baritone Saxophone, which was much heavier and I loved the sound. When I was in Junior High I played Bari sax in Jazz Band. For concert band I played Alto on some songs, Bari on others, and drums for a few selections. I also played the drum set in Beginning band. In my spare time I also took some bass guitar lessons and played some gigs with a Junior high folk band. My parents and I were living in Saudi Arabia during this part of my childhood so music was a great way to pass the time.

I continued to play various instruments and attend music theory and composition classes through my boarding school and college years. Eventually I worked my way into the Twin Cities music scene playing for bands like Deviant Distraction, Jacob's Ladder, and The Underachievers. I have shared the stage with bands like Kris Vox 3, Rockfist, Gription, and Gel.

Some other bands I have been in over the years: The Shades (Blues Brothers Tribute Band), Power of 3, U-Haul "Adventures in Moving" (it's true), and Road Warrior.

I also ran lights for a couple years at Dibbo's for several local bands and some national acts including Firehouse, Stephen Pearcy, The Smithereens, Tommy Tutone, and more.

Being a member of Lady Luck is quite an honor for me and I look forward to all our opportunities.

Name: Jeremy Karl
Instrument: Drums, Percussion
Birthday: January 9th
Hometown: Overseas
Music Training/Education: Various (boarding school/college) - Music Theory, Composition, Drums Alto/Bari Sax and more
Drumming/Percussion Influences: Lu Karl, Mark Craney, John Densmore, Anton Fig, Liberty Devitto, Keith Knutson, Stewart Copeland, Nigel Olsson, Butch Trucks, Steve Ferrone, Michael Cartellone, Cozy Powell, Frank Beard, Mikey Hart, and many more
Hobbies: Traveling, Dirt bikes
Favorite Foods: Thai, East Indian, Seafood
Favorite Beverages: Jagger, Moosehead, Rangpur
Favorite Quote: "Never before have so many known so little about so much"
Pet Peeves: Pants
Memorable Moments: My childhood travels all over the world, Getting married, Meeting some rock stars and celebrities