Craig's Bio

Drums and Vocals 

Craig started piano lessons at age 5. Four years later realized he wanted something louder and began playing drums. His first drumming influence was Micky Dolenz of The Monkees. A short time later, Craig's older brother introduced him to the music of Led Zeppelin and although he has many influences of different styles, John Bonham is still #1.

Craig has been very fortunate to study the drums under such greats as Elliot Fine, Milo Fine, Phil Kjos and others. While Craig was still in high school, he began teaching private lessons. Realizing that he loved to teach and that there was a market for private instructors, he soon had a full load of students and still teaches today.

For over 35 years, Craig has played with many local cover bands and original projects such as Rhianna, Avant Garde, Blue Rain, Asylum, Motherload II and others. He has also put in many hours recording at studios like Sound 80, Metro Studios, Flyte Tyme and Paisley Park just to name a few.