Krister's Bio

Guitar and Vocals 

Krister Pihl was born & raised in the suburbs to Gothenburg, Sweden. He picked up the guitar in his early teens after he figured out he wasn't smart enough to play drums. He practiced like a demon while he cut his teeth in the original scene. In late 94 he decided to move to MN to study music at Music Tech college of music, in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. He started working in the cover scene immediately, & ended up moving to the states permanently. He also wrote & performed music for Music Tech's commercial that was televised. Some of the notable bands Krister has been in are: Cain's Alibi, Gemini, American Head Charge. He's been a session player for several artists, one of which is the songwriting duo Maseric who's album 'Balloon State of Mind' sold one of the tunes to MTV's reality show Chelsea Knows Best. He also produces for other artists. Sometime in 2018 you can also expect his own album to come out.

His goal on stage is to make it exciting, to entertain the crowd no matter how big or small, no matter the situation. People go out to see a band, not listen to the radio. Let's make this a party.

What he loves the most: an engaging crowd & beer.

Krister would like to let you all know what his name isn't: Chrystal (he's not a girl), Christian (too many syllables ya know), Kris (too few) Crisper, Kristin (again), Christopher (really), but the worst one would be -Phil.